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Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value Rs. 2.52 Lakh
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 37814122
Closing Date 09 - Jan - 2020  |  26 Days to go View Tender Details
Repairing, servicing and testing and commissioning of 33kv, 11kv, 4000 kva indoor power transformer at 33 kv sub-station in port trust under two cover system
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value Rs. 31.83 Million approx. / 3.18 Crore approx.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 37747962
Closing Date 06 - Jan - 2020  |  23 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of generic medicines, acenocoumarol tablet/capsule 2mg, anti-oxidant poly tablet/capsule, atenolol tablet/capsule 50mg, atorvastatin tablet/capsule 10mg, calcium carbonate from organic source tablet/capsule 500mg, calamine-preparation lotion 100ml, clobazam tablet/capsule 5mg, clopidogrel plain 75mg tablet/capsule, clotrimazole lotion 1% 15ml, diltiazem tablet/capsule 30mg, disodium hydrogencitrate syr 100ml, enalapril tablet/capsule 2.5mg, esomeprazole tablet/capsule 20mg, fenofibrate tablet/capsule 200mg, fexofenadine tablet/capsule 120mg, folic acid tablet/capsule 5mg, gabapentin tablet/capsule 300mg, gliclazide tablet/capsule 80mg, glimepride tablet/capsule 1mg, heparin injection 25000iu - 5ml vial, hydroxyzine tablet/capsule 25mg, lorazepam tablet/capsule 2mg, losartan potassium tablet/capsule 25mg, pantoprazole injection 40mg single dose vial - with distilled water, pantoprazole tablet/capsule 40mg, paracetamol tablet/capsule 650mg, piracetam tablet/capsule 800mg, protein syr 200ml, ramipril tablet/capsule 2.5mg, ramipril tablet/capsule 5mg, ranitidine tablet/capsule 150mg, salmetrol+fluticasone propionate 100mcg dry powder inhalation cap, salmetrol+fluticasone propionate 250mcg dry powder inhalation cap, spironolactone tablet/capsule 25mg, hydrochlorothiazide tablet/capsule 25mg, thyroxine tablet/capsule 50mcg, tizanidine tablet/capsule 2mg, tamsulosin tablet/capsule 0.4mg, trimetazidine tablet/capsule 20mg, vit. b complex with c and zinc combn poly tablet/capsule, metformin 1gm sr tablet/capsule, valsartan tablet/capsule 80mg., alendronate 70mg tablet/capsule, hydroxychloroquine 200mg tablet/capsule, oxycarbazepine tablet/capsule 150mg., probiotic tablet/capsule, ursodeoxycholic acid tablet/capsule 300mg, formoterol-budesonide 200 inhaler metered dose inhaler, doxyfyllin 400 tablet/capsule, carvedilol 3.125mg tablet/capsule, citicolin 500mg tablet/capsule, ornidazole 500mg+ofloxacin 200mg tablet/capsule, biphasic isophane insulin injectionection ip 30/70 (r-dna orgin) 100iu/ml - 3ml cartridge, insulin glargine cartridge 100iu/ml - 3ml cartridge, cilinidipine 10mg tablet/capsule, trimetazidine er 35mg tablet/capsule, rosuvastatin 20mg tablet/capsule, enoxaparin sodium 60mg/0.6ml injectionection pfs (low molecular heparin), febuxostat 40mg tablet/capsule, n. acetyl cysteine 600mg tablet/capsule, letrazole 2.5mg tablet/capsule, bicalutamide 50mg tablet/capsule, fexofenidine 120mg + montelukast 10mg tablet/capsule, escitalopram 10mg tablet/capsule, thyroxine 25mcg tablet/capsule, ramipril 1.25mg tablet/capsule, tadalafil 20mg tablet/capsule, erythropoietin 4000iu/1.0ml injectionection pfs, glimipride 1mg + metformin 500mg tablet/capsule, iron sucrose injection. 100mg/5ml ampule, capecitabine 500mg tablet/capsule, injection. filgrastim 300mcg/ml single dose vial, tacrolimus 1mg tablet/capsule, hydroxyzine tablet/capsule 10mg, i.v.fluids dextrose 25% - plastic bot 100ml, i.v.fluids dextrose 5% - plastic bot 500ml, indomethacin 25mg tablet/capsule, isosorbide dinitrate tablet/capsule 10mg, mefenamic acid 250mg + dicyclomine hcl 10mg tablet/capsule, metronidazole tablet/capsule 400mg, sodium valproate tablet/capsule 300mg chrono, timolol eye drops 0.5% - 5ml pack, voglibose 0.3mg tablet/capsule, levetiracetam 500mg tablet/capsule, olmesartan tablet/capsule 20mg, phenytoin sodium 50mg/ml injectionection - 2ml ampule, domperidone 30mg+esomeprazole 20mg tablet/capsule.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 37745205
Closing Date 03 - Jan - 2020  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 05 items of navigational channel buoy accessories - pendant chain with end links, m.s grade ii open link briddle chain with end links, m.s three way triangular plate, m.s forelock end shackles, m.s. swivel piece with end links.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value Rs. 22.52 Million approx. / 2.25 Crore approx.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 37747942
Closing Date 03 - Jan - 2020  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 43 generic medicines - amikacin inj 500mg, anti rabies vaccine inj 2.5 iu / 0.5 ml, b1 + b6 + b12 (2 to 3 ml) 1000 mcg. inj, clobetasol cream 0.5 w/w 15gm tube, domperidone 10mg + paracetamol 325mg tab/cap , i.v.fluids dextrose with normal saline 5% - 500ml - plastic bottle, i.v.fluids normal saline 0.9% - 500ml-plastic bottle, i.v.fluids ringer lactate - 500ml - plastic bottle, metformin tab/cap 500mg, salbutamol mdi 100 mcg metered doses inhaler, carnitine 330mg tab/cap, betamethasone dipropionate 0.05% with moisturising cream 20 gms, zinc chloride 1%+ cetrimide 1% + tannic acid 2% gum paint 15ml pack, betamethasone dipropionate + salicylic acid + zinc oxide oint 15g pack , carmellose sodium 0.5% eye drops 10ml pack (carboxy methyl cellulose), liquid paraffin 100 ml, cetrizine 5mg + ambroxol hydrochloride 10mg tab/cap , olapatadine hcl 0.1% eye drops 5 ml, diltiazem gel 30gms , levocarnitine inj. 1gm/5ml, levosalbutamol sulphate 2.5mg+ipraprotium bromide 500mg respules, piracetam inj. infusion 200mg/60ml, citicoline inj. 2ml, inj. methoxy polyetheylene 50mg, cetrizine d1 hcl 5mg + phenylephrine hcl 10mg + paracetamol 325mg, isophane regular monocomponent human insulin 40iu/ml - 10ml vial, biphasic isophane human insulin 30/70 40iu/ml - 10ml vial, isophane nph monocomponent human insulin 40iu/ml - 10ml vial, ribavarin 200mg tab / cap, megestrol 160mg tab / cap, isophane regular monocomponent human insulin 100iu/ml (recombinant dna origin) - 5ml vial, isophane nph monocomponent human insulin 100iu/ml (recombinant dna origin) - 5ml vial, hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose 0.3% oph solution 2ml, rifaximine 400mg tab/cap, brimonidine tartarate 1.5mg/ml with timolol maleate eye drops 5mg/ 5ml drops, hydroquinone, tretinoin and flucinolone acetonide cream 15gms, omeprazole 20mg+tinidazole 500mg+amoxcillin 750mg tab/cap, eplerenone 25mg tab/cap, prasugrel 10mg tab/cap, pancreatin 10000 units tab/cap, pancreatin 25000 units tab/cap, indacaterol 110mcg + glycopyrrolate 50mcg inh, bosentan 125mg tab/cap.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 37768783
Closing Date 03 - Jan - 2020  |  20 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale condemned / surplus floating craft twin screw survey launch, twin screw survey launch- iv along with 13 hydrographic (electronic survey) items, dgps receiver for reference station of, 12 channel receiver with uhf data link, dgps receiver for a mobile station of 12 channel receiver, / 6 channel with option for selecting best 6 with uhf data, link, helmsman controller with 9” colour monitor, echo track model d.f.3200 uk ii, with transducer and, consumable comprising paper, belt, etc., digitalizer, heave compensator 321 tss model, computer 486, plotter ao size, printer a3, u.p.s, software of hypack/ hydo/ horcom/pds 1000 and, dredging software, current meter with data reading equipment, spares, gyro compass available in twin screw survey launch.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 37768277
Closing Date 02 - Jan - 2020  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of condemned / surplus 6 nos. 15 ton capacity electric level luffing wharf crane along with its spares, 4 nos. 15 ton capacity ell wharf cranes (l&t) make along with its spares and 2 nos. 15 ton capacity ell wharf cranes (jessop make) along with its spares, 4 nos. 15 ton capacity electric level luffing wharf cranes, un used spares for 15 ton l&t crane – 159 items, 2 nos. 15 ton capacity electric level luffing wharf cranes, (jessop make), un used spares for 15 ton jessop crane – 33 items, 40 pin front connector, din rails 530 -oaao, operator pannel, fuses fittings, fuses 32a, mcb 2a - 2210-7ya02, mcb 4a - 2210-7ya04, mcb 0.5a - 2210-7ya05, mcb 32a - 2210-7ya32, power cantactor 205 amps (rotor), 02-oauo+3tx7462-3jy1, power contactor (beake) 9 amps, oauo+3tx7402-3jy1, mcb for beake supply 1-1.6 140 amps, auxiliary contactor 3th8253-, oauo+3tx6446-ob, triple pole mcb for fuse monitor 0.2ap., no.3vu 13 40 - 1msoo, fuses 2a ns2, mcb for drive fan 0.24-0.4 amps, 1mdoo, fuses 20a ns20, 240v ac coil for 3tf54 contactor 3ty-7543-, oauo, 240v ac coil for 3tf53 contactor 3ty-7523-, oauo, kit for 3tf53 power contactor 3mc+6fc,, power contactor (rotor) 110 amps, 02-oauo+3tx7 46-3jy1, main contactor 140 amps, oauo+3tx7462-3jy1, 240v ac coil for 3tf50/51 contactor, 7503-oauo, kit for 3tf51 power contactor 3mc+6fc,, kit for 3tf50 power contactor 3mc+6fc,, fuses 16 amps 3nw ns 16, power contactor (brake) 22 amps,, mcb for motor protection -, 1nkoo range:5 to 8a, power contactor (rotor), oauo+3tx7402-3jy1 range:12a, mcb for brake supply - 1mmoo, range:10 16a, auxiliary contactors with 8no coil voltage:, 240 v oauo+3tx6446-ob, cudi card code no. 6ry 1703-0aa00, kit for 3tf43 power contactor 3mc+6fc,, 240v ac coil for 3tf47 contactor, oauo, porcelain insulator for resistance bank, bigger terminal board with stud complete, 105 kw, amkw 355s6r, brush holder 105kw amkw 355s6r, brush holder stud 105kw amkw 355s6r, carbon brush 105kw amkw 355s6r, end shiled de 105kw amkw 355s6r, slipping unit 105kw amkw 355s6r, terminal box 105kw,amkw 355s6r, terminal cover 105kw,amkw 355s6r, aluminium fan cover 105kw,amkw 355s6r, inner bering cover 105kw,amkw355s6r, outer bering cover 105kw,amkw355s6r, electro hydaulic thruster - elhy emg- make, type : e b 800-60 800 new ton 60mm hub, diameter 260 watts power 3 phase 440/415,, electro hydraulic thruster operated disc, brake disc type sb 8.1-400-eb-800/60 brake disc, diameter: 400mm x 30mm thick brake version :, right hand version. operating voltage, 415vac 3 phase 50 hz thruster type eb 800/60., breaking torque: 2160, bigger terminal board with stud (complete, set) 55kw,amkw 315s6r, brush holder stud 55kw,amkw 315s6r, carbon brush 55kw,amkw 315s6r, end shield de 55kw,amkw 315s6r, slip ring unit 55kw,amkw 315s6r, separator for brush holer 55kw,amkw 315s6r, terminal box 55kw,amkw 315s6r, terminal cover 55kw,amkw 315s6r, aluminium fan cover 55kw,amkw 315s6r, inner bering cover 55kw,amkw 315s6r, outer bearing cover 55kw,amkw 315s6r, bigger terminal board with stud complete, 22kw,amkw225m6r, brush holder 22kw,amkw225m6r, brush holder stud 22kw,amkw225m6r, carbon brush 22kw,amkw225m6r, end shield de 22kw, amkw22 5m6r, slip ring unit22kw,amkw225m6r, terminal box 22kw,amkw225m6r, terminal cover 22kw,amkw225m6r, aluminium fan cover 22kw, amkw 225m6r, inner bering cover 22kw,amkw225m6r, outer bearing cover 22kw,amkw225m6r, long travel -make ngef slip ring induction, motor frame, kw/hp 2.6/3.5 speed, 1455rpm star/star connection stator volt-, 415v stator current 6a rotor volt-170v, rotor current - 10a duty s4 60% cdf at 50 deg, c f/f insulation ip:55, bigger terminal board with stud (complete), 2.6kw,amkw 132 mz4r, brush holder 2.6kw,amkw 132 mz4r, carbon brush 2.6kw,amkw 132 mz4r, end shield de 2.6kw,amkw 132 mz4r, slipring unit 2.6kw,amkw 132 mz4r, terminal box 2.6kw,amkw 132 mz4r, terminal cover 2.6kw,amkw 132 mz4r, inner bearing cover 2.6kw,amkw 132 mz4r, outer bearing cover 2.6kw,amkw 132 mz4r, long travel wheel shaft (drive), long travel wheel, gear coupling, brake disc(hoist & grab), slew torqe coupling (slew drive) make :, wellman model : w60-226 slip tqrrque setting, -200nm, robellow bearing bolt and nuts with plain, washer and spring washer size 30mm x 260mm, grade 12.9, robellow bearing bolt and nuts with ht plain, washer and spring washer size m30 x 250mm, grade 12.9, 32 kb flash eprom/micro memory card, 3.6v lithium cell non-rechargeable battery, fuses fittings, mcb 21, mcb 4a, profibus cable coeh10, mcb 32a, 64kb micro memory card, power contactor 205a (3tf53), power contactor 9a (3tf30), mot
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 37768818
Closing Date 02 - Jan - 2020  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of condemned / surplus tugs sekkizhar & sundaranar and its spares,tug sekkizhar 32t bollard pull, tug sundaranar 32t bollard pull, spares at main stores of tugs, spares at sub store of tugs sekkizhar, gear for cam shaft(clock, metal for piston pinpart, connecting rod assy.part, bushing for l.o pumppart, shaft assy. for c.w pump, bolt & nut for cylinder h, spring for needle valve p, o" ring for f.o injection, seal ring for f.o injecti, round chord ringpart no.1, round chord ringpart no.4, o-ring (1260 x 5),, o-ring (248 x 5), shaft seal ring (adck 400, o-ring (8 x 2.5), 2, rotary shaft seal 4, bearing ring 140 x 125 x, articulated joint bearing, duse(2), duchse kpl, gear pump (voith model no, auxilary relay main engin, power relay part no.omron, service kit 1 part no.970, service kit 2 part no.970, service kit 3 part no. 97, nozzle ring part no.56001, turbine shaft part no.210, damping pad part no.81136, o ring 830 x 7, stud, bolt(cylinder head), o ring(1a) p30 24311-0003, nut,cylinder head cap bol, connecting pipe, cooling, o ring (4 d) p21, 24316-0, o ring (4 d) p24 24316-0, connecting piece, valve r, o ring, 152633-01810, o ring (1a) p9 2431, dry brush 31 x 15, 24550-, packing/gasket, head inle, exhaust valve, cr plating, valve seat suction, 1476, seat, exhaust valve, 147, o ring, 141616-11061, guide valve, 147673-11160, seal, valve stem, cotter, valve 27310, spring a, valve, 145610-1, spring b valve, 145610-11, guide, valve bridge, 1416, sleeve, nozzle, 147673-11, packing/gasket 1466, gasket, gasket/packing cover, v.rocker arm (suc) assy 1, driving plug 4 x 6, retainer(contact piece) p, adjusting screw 739, retainer, 138623-11350, nut m16, lock, 26772-1600, v.rocker arm (exh) assy p, rocker arm shaft assy., 1, retaining ring, c type 45, valve bridge assy/bridge, adjusting screw, bonnet comp, packing, bonnet, 147673-1, circlip 20, 22242-000200, head assy, cylinder, connecting pipe, cooling, o-ring (1a) p35, o-ring 4d p44, lock nut m14, gasket coppr, valve rotator assy/rotati, ball, v. rotator 27326-14, spring, v.rotator 27323-1, circlip, v.rotator, spring ,v.rotator, 27325-, valve, rod type, indicator cock, 746673-15, gasket 12, round, 23414-1, seat,push rod/tappet seat, push rod assy, compl, seat, upper/retainer, seat,lower/retainer, packing, expansion pipe joint, rubber ring, upper/packin, rubber ring,lower 1, gasket, cylinder head, 1, protection ring, 147673-0, main metal assy (std)- (l, parallel pin 6 x 12, packing, 147873-18630, zinc, anti corrisive, 272, gasket exh.manifold, gasket, piston, ring no. 3 piston, 147673, ring no.2, piston, 147673, ring compression oil, 147, ring no.1, piston, 147673, retaining ring, c type 90, connecting rod bolt/bolt, nut, lubricating oil pump assy, bush, 133970-32100, bush 16x12, dry, 24550-0, header, inlet side, header,outer side, o ring (ia) p-55, 24311-0, packing, oil pressure regulating v, spring valve, relief valve assy., gasket round, gasket, zinc, anti-corrosion 40 x, packing, filter element 1466, gasket, o-ring, body, o ring, 148616-35570, o-ring 1 a g:105.0, o-ring(1a) p11, impeller, o ring 220g, 24321-002200, oil seal, retaining ring, c type p., nut, washer 24 polished, mechanical,seal 148, o-ring 1a g40.0, shaft, 133614-42080, nut, 141616-42200, fuel inj.pump, spring plunger, plunger assy. 14767, deflector (protector) p.n, o-ring, delivery valve, 146673-51, spring, 146673-51331, thermometer 100, pressure gauge, pressure gauge, rpm meter (tachometer) p., o ring 4d g130, 24326-001, wire gauge,100 mesh/strai, packing, gasket, joint,high pressure, pipe, element, washer, packing, tdi stage 2 assy repair k, tdi o ring kit, tdi bearing/seal kit, tdi spool valve, tdi nozzle, valve, rh-10, tdi male elbow, 90 deg pa, tdi hose assembly part no, tdi elbow 90 deg part no., tdi split ring, tdi spring compression pa, tdi plate retainer part n, tdi shaft, turbine part n, tdi carrier/output shaft, tdi drive, pre-engaged, r, ring, 146673-77120, packing liner 01320, releif valvepart no.34010, rearing l.o pumppart no.16120, packing acooler part no.18791, packing liner part no.1330, o ring for cyl head bolt, 300, o ring for lo pump part no.750, o ring del.valve 24316-000440, o rin gfuel inj p/p pno.350, round chord ringp
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value Rs. 4.02 Lakh approx.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 37797542
Closing Date 02 - Jan - 2020  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Repairing, reconditioning, testing, installation and commissioning of 1 no. s.s.foam tank for facilitating fire fighting system at bd-i and 2 nos. of foam pump with motor to be installed at bd-i and bd-iii in oil dock
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 37734403
Closing Date 31 - Dec - 2019  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Purchase of 87 and 43 items of generic medicines, 5 items of channel buoy accessories.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 37734403
Closing Date 31 - Dec - 2019  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of condemned / surplus : semi mechanised coal conveyor system, 6 nos of 15 ton ell wharf cranes (L&T & jessop make) and its spares. Twin screw survey launch – IV – along with 13 hydrographic items, tug sekkizhar and tug sundaranar & its spares, dredger TSHD cauvery & its spares, unserviceable / condemned vehicles and spares.
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