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Sector Stainless Steel Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 38303229
Closing Date 31 - Dec - 2020  |  307 Days to go View Tender Details
Expression of interest vendor development of various items hf acid-40%, nitric acid (50-60%), interleaving kraft brown unbleached paper — 35 & 45 gsm, cast steel shots, cast steel slag pot, tundish powder, lancing pipe, grinding wheel for slab grinder & roll grinder, shear blades, cutters etc, cast & forged rolls, steel strap 0.8 mm, carpet wool, grinding oil, packing wood (pine), cast steel shot, casting powder for mound — aisi 200,300,400 series, sendzimir mill rolling oil with viscosity 22 & 8, air bubble firm rolls, surface protection film rolls, hdpe tarpaulin rolls, ferrous suplhate, paper sleeve, diamatacious earth power filter media, lead ingots, cotton / banian wastes, rice husk/dob, saddle assembly with shaft b&c for sendzimir mill.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 37935057
Closing Date 21 - Dec - 2020  |  297 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of kit for isolating cock consisting of three[3] items given below, to rdsodrawing no. sk-97003 alt-5 and crly. alt-a. [1]seat ring, item no. 4, qty 02 nos. [2]sealingwasher, item no, 5, qty 01 no. [3]gland packing, item no. 8, qty 02 nos. material andspecification: rdso specification no. 02-abr-02,appendix-i, amdt no. 4 of sept.2016. note forpacking - spares shall be packed in sealed polythene bags.this item is reserved forprocurement from rdso approved sources only.12000
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value Rs. 4.97 Lakh approx.
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 34832796
Closing Date 10 - May - 2020  |  72 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of reject items – coolar, cooler stand, chari S model, O2 regular, fan,balti plastic, mag plastic, BP handal, examination cotch, kidney tray, bandage scissor, needle destroy, torch plastic, needle holder, watter tap, metal, cardiac monitor, defebrilator portable, split ac, watter cooler, emergency take over trolley, ECG machine, bed pan, ICU bed, weeing meeter blood cont, blood storage freeze, centrifuge machine, line voltage conet, padastal fan, centrifuge machine, VDRL shaker, needle destory, electric weight machine, stethoscope, O2 ley 3 in one, jug, digital therma, pinjara, fan, BP instrument, O2 key, bedside lockre, iron chair, cooler stand, attender banch, iron stool, cooling fan, foot step, IV stand, pt trolly lifter, dust been, armlet for BP inst rubber, Bp bulb, plastic bin, tube light pati, ceilbing fan, wall fan, battery for generator, wooden chair, aresel ois disinfeater, plastic stool, pedatal fan, fire extinguisher, surgicak drum, kidney tray EI, dixting forcef ph, o2 regular flow, almirah iron big, celing fan, locker, stool iron, needle catter, nebulizer, aimirah, air cooler, anurism needle, artery forceps, bowl, water jug, plastic tap, w/pipe, stamp pad, revolving stool, weight machine, baby weight machine, urnal female EI, tooth forceps, steel totty, stool plastic cecco, ss tray LID, sputum mug, saspan, scissor, plastic bin, pinzara, mosqulto forceps, drassing tray, chittal forceps, petro may gas, vasculum forceps, sharp bin, tailor scissor, vaginal spaculum, stool wooden small, spong holding forceps, ovam forceps, tv trolly with sanmike, plastic mug, o2 regulator, o2 key, chilumchee small, iron bucket, cheair s type, cheair wooden, cheair iron, dust been, chair farm wooden ~ .
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jharkhand Tenders Ref.No 38622009
Closing Date 24 - Apr - 2020  |  56 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 1/2" ball type cut out cock with vent to clw's drg. no. 0/2/65/364 ( alt.-7 ) forelectric locos.
Sector Gems and Jewellery Tenders Tender Value Rs. 78.30 Million / 7.83 Crore
Location Karnataka Tenders Ref.No 38749997
Closing Date 18 - Apr - 2020  |  50 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of f s grinding media balls
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 38692496
Closing Date 14 - Apr - 2020  |  46 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of spares, y-2 card, fuse, fuse 3 amp, fuse 4 amps, toggle switch, power supply card, log liner processor, micro processor pcb, if-1card, micro switch, nut, spring, titanium sheet, ring, static discharger, nut, piston, axle, holder, drain tank, cup, jet, elbow, plug, cover, spring (rh), bell crank, casing, bolt, spring, cleat, link, pipe, dipstick, insert, pipe flange, winch and mbt-300 electric actuator attach, bracket (lh), guide assembly, axle, cover, ball bearing, connection, nut, relay 115 & 36 volt, bushing, spring, bearing, for an-32 aircraft
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 38627155
Closing Date 09 - Apr - 2020  |  41 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 1/2" inch ball type cut out cock with venture to rdso alt-7.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Telangana Tenders Ref.No 38778153
Closing Date 06 - Apr - 2020  |  38 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of three piece design 1 1/4 bp & fp angle cock with vent as per drg. no.c/ els/ lgd/pn.eqpt/3/54.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 38718235
Closing Date 03 - Apr - 2020  |  35 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of stop push button switch shrounded type, actuator red - 01 no with 02 nos elements [2 nos plus2 nc] with fixing screws of each elements, rating 1 amp, dc, 250 volt l&t cat no ss - 90 - 375 and ss -31519 make l & t, / bch / siemens or similar.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Assam Tenders Ref.No 38820996
Closing Date 02 - Apr - 2020  |  34 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of electrical, computer, stationery, miscellaneous, aqua guard, aqua guard filter (dis candle), aqua guard filter (pack block), acid cleaner, all out complete set/goodnight set, all-out liquid bottle/goodnight liquid, alpin, arjulaid paper, auto clip file, ball pen, bamboo jharu, bamboo(bhaluka), bathroom brush, baygon spray, biding register rolling, bill copy register (dfc paper), bill copy register (arjulaid paper rolling), binding register, binding register, binding register(rolling), black tap, bleaching powder, bodkin (bindhana), bowl set, brasso polish, brown tape, bucket (plastic), bucket (tin), calculator machine (casio), calculator machine (casio), candle stick, car flag, car scent (box type), car scent bottle, car towel, cash book register (commando), cash book register (commando), ceiling wax, cello tape, chair cushion, chitranala, clip file, coconut jharu, colin spray, comb, correcting fluid(white), cotton roll, cotton rope (for flag), cotton tag, cup-plate, curtain cloth, dau, delta fog (fogging machine liquid), demy paper, desh board car perfume, dettol, dettol hand wash, dettol hand wash refill, dettol soap, dfc paper, dish (plate) big, dish (plate) small, diary (general), dog chain(iron), dog neck color(rubber), dog side leased, door mat, double demy paper, dove soap, drawing paper, drinking glass, duplicating paper, duster, envelope (manila), envelope (manila), eraser (rubber), executive diary, ezee, fax paper(30 mtrs), fevicol, file board, file cover, file envelope with clothing paper, file envelope(lamination), file tray(plastic), finit, flag ring, floor mop, floor wiper, flower pot, flower pot, foging machine liquid, foot mat, four folder file, four folder file, gems clip(plastic), glue stick, godrej air matic car perfume, goodnight coil, grease, gum liquid, gum liquid paste, hand gloves(surgical), hard paper cover, harness (for dog), harpic, harpic flashmatic, high lighter pen, hit spray, iron khunti, jug(steel), lamination envelope, leather binding register rolling, lizol, lock & key, lux soap, magnetic duster, marker pen (permanent), marker pen (temporary, markin cloth, mask (surgical), mosquito coil (godzilla), mug(plastic), mug(steel), mob with handle, national flag, national flag (3x2), neem soap (for dog), neptholin, odonil, pears soap, pen vip, pencil battery, pencil battery ( remote), phenol, phenyl, phool jharu, pilot hi-tecpoint pen, pin box (magnetic), plastic bucket, plastic envelope, plastic l folder, plastic l folder, plastic refill, plastic refill pointed, plastic scale, police unit flag, police unit flag, rexin cloth, rin bar soap, rain coat, room freshener, scissor, scissor, scissor, scotch brite (scrub pad), scrabbling pad, scrabling pad, sketch pen, spirit, stamp pad, stamp pad ink, staple machine, staple machine, staple pin, staple pin, steel trunk, steel trunk, steel water filter with 2(two) candles), stick file, sticky pad, sticky pad, sticky pad, surf, surf excell soap, table glass, toilet paper, torch battery, torch light (four battery), towel, tracking rope (dog0, type carbon, type paper, type paper, tea chekni, umbrella, vanish liquid, vim bar soap, vim powder, vip pen, wall clock, waste paper basket, water glass, wooden pencil, writing board, xerox paper, xerox paper, yellow paper, computer articles, 801 ink cartridge, antivirus t/s, c- mos battery, canon cartridge 810, canon-725k -black, cd cover, cd storage box, cd storage box, cd/dvd writer(internal), clipping tool, computer extension cord, computer key board, computer mouse, computer ram, computer set cleaner, computer speaker 2.1, computer ups, cordless microphone, data cable, deskjet cartridge, dongel, dvd blank disc, dvd rw disc, dvd/cd writer (external) combo, epson lx 210 cartridge, hard disc (external), hp cartridge 679, hp cartridge 803 (colour), lan i/o box, laser jet tonner, laser printer cartridge, laser tonner, magnifying glass, memory stick, memory stick/card, paper, pendrive, printer head, photo paper, power cable computer, printer ribbon, ram (1gb) ddr, riso ink, riso master paper, riso master paper, router (modem), samsung laser printer cartridge, samsung cartrigde scx 4623fn, telephone cable, telephone receiver (1+1), usb cable, vga cable, wifi receiver, 30 a toner, electrical items, copper wire, btc wire, angle holder, baten holder, bed switch, black tape(all size), bulb, calling bell, calling bell switch, casing capping, casing capping, ceilling fan, cfl light, led, cutout, elbow/exernal/intrnal/cupler, elbow/exernal/intrnal/cupler, extension cord, fan bearing, fan capasitor, fan clamp (iron), flexible wire, fan regulator, gutka, isolator (4 pol), male & female plug, main switch, mcb, pendent holder, plus, power strep, pvc board, pvc pipe, screw, socket f/t, b/l, socket top f/t, b/l, ss combined indicator with fuse, stabilizer 1 kva, starter, starter (ac machine), switch, tube bulb, tube bulb, tube chock (aluminium), tube chock (copper), tube holder, tube light complete set, vir wi
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